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January 2011

the powerquilter


a new breed of super hero has evolved out of old people quilting



“yup, we spell it with just the two c’s.  one at the front and one in the middle.  no one used the one in the middle so we’re just dumping it”

classic kiwi signage


this style of writing on signs is classic kiwi.  and it includes a couple of nicies too like

“nice  friendly service” and

*even the locals say we’re good* suggesting the locals are a hard to please lot.  not sure if they’d like this sign.

is this your cat


fantastic lost cat sign in the streets of auckland.  well worth looking at the big version to read the small print

toe shoes


here are some shoes outside a maori meeting place.  the top are toe shoes and the ones below are identical possible causing confusion on exit