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May 2006

i thought of a great title for this picture, but decided i couldn’t really put it on the site as i think it might be a bit rude (though in fact the word itself is not that rude). have a think, then click this link for an explanation (i can only apologise).
i do like the picture though.

a family voyage

it’s not quite Moses parting the oceans and leading his people across the sea. instead it’s esther leading the family over some stepping stones across a pond in a National Trust property. It didn’t quite have the same religious significance of course.

this is never going to work

if you have to give priority to the slow pedestrian then you are going to be walking slower than them and you then become the slowest pedestrian and so it goes until everyone is stationary.
it’s probably best to walk down here on your own, or make sure everyone starts off by running so you’ll at least make some distance before you all grind to a gradual halt.

lapping camera numbers

how’s this for a weird thing. on monday i ‘lapped’ my Canon 350D and went over 9999 shots causing the numbering to reset. This was the first time since i bought it in July 05 and both contain my neice Sarah looking very sleepy (she’s usually very jolly)
here is shot IMG_9999.jpg and IMG_0001.jpg
IMG_9999.jpg IMG_0001.jpg
now, the very strange thing is my Sony DSC-W12 camera (my work-a-day camera – (link to the replacement version)) which went over it’s 9999 shot count yesterday ! This was the second time since i bought it in August 2004.
here is DSC09999.jpg
and here is DSC00001.jpg (notice the tail being chopped off – by a carving knife no doubt)
so what can we learn ? well, i take more shots with my Canon at weekends than i do during the week with my Sony camera, but i get a higher hit rate of usable blog photos with the Sony as they are more likely to be of nonsense. As shown by the two random samples above.

unauthorised shouting

georgina (you know, alvin’s wife) sent me this picture of a ‘no unauthorised entry’ sign because she thought it was amusing due to the severity of the expression. it is very good.
but i wonder if the chap looks a little alien like and he’s about to zap humankind with his powerful black hand. i can understand people not wanting that kind of thing happening and it’s surprising we don’t have more of these anti-alien invasion signs about.


this hotel front is very uninviting. every little bit says ‘we don’t care that much’. i almost want to go and stay to see how bad it is, so perhaps it does work on a certain level !