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this is a good sign on so many levels.  good as it’s a picture of a sign used as a public sign.  and also good as it’s still got the water mark of the stock agency who they stole it off.   And is suspect the person who took the picture didn’t have permission from the person who built the original sign.

it’s a sign of the times.


an early post as we’ve got an election tomorrow and there’s some rules about influencing votes on the day of the election which also apply to blogs and twitter etc (more here)

so i thought i should share these with you now.  if you are in kiwi-land then do the honourable thing and go and vote. 

and if not, wish us well (but don’t post anything on facebook, twitter etc else you’ll get busted ok?)



a helicopter crashed in auckland today whilst putting up a christmas tree.  the pilot walked away from the accident which was caught on film here


as it’s nearby my office i popped out at lunch to take a picture from the other sides of the water and across the barricade.  (knowing no one had been hurt – i’m not a sicko you know!)


as chance would have it, i took some pictures of the xmas tree bits on the way to work this morning so here is the star from the tree and the place the helicopter crashed just before it did its crashing thing


i notice the video is on the Guardian website too


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