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Monthly Archives: November 2004

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here are jane’s sister’s family outside their temporary vicarage residence in Nottingham. we went to visit them for the weekend and had a lovely time.
here is cousin thomas and kezia in the Denby Pottery shop. Thomas enjoyed dangling out of his pram grabbing cup handles and plates as he went past the stacks of crockery !
and here are cousin thomas, esther and kezia in a row by a wall

it must have rained over night as there were loads of little puddles drying out as i walked to work this morning.
i don’t know if it was just lack of sleep, but most of them looked like people or animals.
i took a photo of a few for you
i think they look a bit like prehistoric cave paintings.
DSC05149.jpg DSC05150.jpg DSC05151.jpg DSC05152.jpg DSC05153.jpg DSC05154.jpg DSC05155.jpg DSC05157.jpg DSC05158.jpg

i wonder how many people get injured with these things dropping off people’s roofs and walls ? probably none. but that doesn’t make it a silly question does it ?
i asked this question to Ask Jeeves and he suggested i went to a website on Iraq War Deaths. So perhaps it’s a problem over there.

i went to a place where they were showing what the future would be like for a drinks reception as part of a conference i went to recently. it was too hot and stuffy and we were trapped because it was a bus ride from civilisation.
someone said it was like being trapped in an Dixon’s warehouse, which it was.
there was some good points though. the food was fantastic and i got to see an actual 3D TV which was really showing proper 3D stuff without requiring magic glasses etc. it was totally incredible.
less impressive was this massive bank of flat screen tellies each showing a different program. i’ve seen the future but i couldn’t find the remote control or the off button.

here is a self portrait of me in the chapel in my beligish hotel a while back. it was set up for a wedding and looked mighty fine.
(you know what, this doesn’t really look like me ! i set this to auto-update but i must have put the wrong photo in. never mind, this looks better than me. although the hotel chapel did look very pretty dressed up for the wedding)

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