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Monthly Archives: November 2004

for anyone who thinks their job is boring, then just think about this poor person who’s stuck inside a sandwich all day.
there’s got to be a fantastic joke here somewhere. but for now it escapes me.
i’m sure someone out there can find a suitable sandwich based pun for us ?

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i walk past this sign every evening, but it’s only in the last week or so i’ve started looking at it.
last night i took a photo for you and here it is.
but i’ve been wondering – how do they know it’s a humped zebra and not a striped camel ?

here is a glove sent from brother kev. he’s recently moved to Nottingham and can confirm that it’s rich pickings up there.
Glove from beside the canal in the Rylands.jpg
i also got an email from Rebecca pointing me to these great sign photos:
cemetry hospital
speed limits (forward and backwards)

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