November 2004

mr robot

another robot has appeared near where i saw the other robot picture.
this one has an email address so i’ll investigate further for you.
DSC04954.jpg DSC04955.jpg



fruit tree

i wonder about the long term implications of genetically modified plants and stuff. but, like seedless grapes, these modified foods do have some benefits.
here is another example of a convenience franken-fruit. it’s a fruit tree which grows its fruit in to a carrier bag.
saves time picking and bagging it.
the bag contained some plums and some bananas, so the tree must be multi-tasking too.
brilliant stuff. next we’ll have generic animals which can provide a variety of different meats (vegatarians can look back now).
DSC04950.jpg DSC04951.jpg

carrier bags

bags are brilliant for carrying stuff. that’s why they are called carrier bags.
here are two bags carrying a plank of wood.

working from home

i was working from home today so jane went in to esther’s school for lunch. kezzie and i had lunch together and then she decided she wanted to do her own work too so pulled up a table and chair next to my laptop.
when jane got home a few minutes later she told her to be quiet and not come in as we were both working.
i’m sure her book of nursery ryhmns were much more interesting than the thing i was reading.


found in the street 19 November 2004
finally got round to publishing it – i think we can safely say my photography skills have improved since back then !

some nice signs with people on

here is a nice nuclear family picture. if they all had their arms down i recon they could fit one more person in that shelter. but instead they are being very protective of their space:
but how about this toilet sign ?
in particular the baby changing facilities !

photographers paradise

there’s a model village on the isle of wight and it’s a photographer’s paradise (according to the sign).
it’s built to quite a big scale (1/10) so the buildings come up to your waist rather than you ankles. which i found satisfying as you can see more detail.
here is the (full sized) sign at the entrance:
here is a model of the village church:
and here are some dinousaurs going by on a train:

click for big

my desk

i’m working from home today, so here is a picture of my desk in london i took last friday.

my found photo collection

yesterday i spread all my found photos out on our living room floor, helped by my daughters.
i was very pleased with the modern girth of my collection.
see them all at

hi, i’m clive

cartoon drawn on a big piece of wood left on a window sill in the street. it’s a very cute robot.


our friends paul, liz and little dougie came round yesterday for a lunch finding adventure. dougie is 7 months old today and is a very cute little chap.
kezia enjoyed having him to visit too.
DSC04912.jpg DSC04916.jpg