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another afternoon working from home. not sure if I’d want to work from home all the time. got lots done today because the house is empty, but it does mean you go a bit mad.
the silence was broken by an ice-cream van driving by. It was playing a souped up version of Popeye The Sailor Man and looked very modern. I was too slow with my recording device to catch the tune for you.
I once heard of a girl who’s parents told her that when an Ice Cream van played its tune it meant that it had run out of lollies and ice creams.
a fantastic parent lie. i think it’s a fair response.

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british trains are expensive, but at least you get punctuality, airconditioning and courtious staff.
one thing your ticket price doesn’t include is the cost of litter bins. the world of terrorism has a lot to answer for. in the end i did something i don’t normally do. i put my rubbish on the floor.
here is the rubbish, which represented over £6 worth of Virgin Trains catering fodder:

i was sent to coventry today. whilst there some men demonstrated the future of telephones (it’s much like the present with telephones, only you get some video as well and you can see who is phoning on your TV). my two colleagues and I were joined by a Saudi Princess for the presentation, which was nice. she didn’t say anything, but that’s what being sent to coventry entails.

my ear is still giving me jip which means I didn’t sleep very well (at all) last night. lieing awake at night is a weird thing, especially with two children in the house. esther had a nightmare at one point so i went through to see her (she was ok and just went back to sleep).
But the funniest thing of all was Kezia who woke up between 1am and 2.30am and was highly animated in her speech. She tried a dozen different ways of saying ‘Mummy’ and then a dozen ways of saying ‘Daddy’. When that failed to get a reaction she sang a note perfect ‘Happy Birthday to you’ to Esther. I was really impressed. During the day she doesn’t say half as many things.
I’m sure she also said “yes please” a few times whilst chatting to herself.

proof of appearance. note the cotton wool in ear. i am completely deaf in that ear at the moment, so i have been playing my bass guitar in mono.
i’m near the middle with my hat on – sitting on my bass amp so i can feel the notes as i can’t really hear them.

red sky in the morning, shepherds warning. it’s 5.30am and the sky is red. how relevant is a shepherds wisdom in modern urban england ? we shall find out in due course I imagine. I shall update this entry throughout the day.
update: bad things which happened throughout the day
1) woke up with excruciating ear ache at 3am and didn’t get back to sleep
2) found my computer has locked me out of most of my accounts so it’s tricky to work from home (though I have found a sneaky non-ideal way)
However, we also know that every cloud has a silver lining, so here are some good things:
1) cotton buds, codeine, oral and aural antibiotics all combine to numb the pain (and give me a slighlty euphoric feeling
2) my work email account has sprung back in to life and i can access my emails again (hoorah).

when not being ill i have been in a marquee playing my guitar.
It’s the church holiday club this week which happens in a school field. work has kindly allowed me to work flexibly around my bass playing duties, which may mean I start my working day at 5am and finish at 9pm (with a break in the middle).

here is elton and kezia. elton is a hairdresser in Sheffield and is one of the funniest people I know. he’s also one of the kindest. the two are not incompatible.
we had a barbeque for anyone involved in music at our church and Elton did a fine job barbequing in the rain. we couldn’t allow him in the house as he doesn’t go to our church. this picture was taken just before we threw him out in to the rain.

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