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Monthly Archives: July 2003

unnoticed by most people, the communications act became law today. this marks the beginning of a new era for telecommunication (and tv) regulation.
oftel marked the occasion by sending me a pile of paper in 12 different envelopes.
total height of the combined contents is 2.2cm.

some nice graffiti here. done in whiteboard marker so it can be rubbed off easily (as has partically happened here).
the artist has written “I am free” and then obviously run away to prove it. free from what you ask. Free to do what he wants, without being hassled by the man. obviously.

the long awaited back lash has started against the stupid black flies which have recently entered our house. I counted 7 flies in our house (spread over various rooms)
we are approaching the eradication on two fronts – chemical and physical.
Here is Kezia enjoying the new fly swat.
Current fly count is 4 (and falling). they are dropping like flies it seems

the highway code suggests you should slow down and stop if pedestrians are using a zebra crossing. the highway code makes no comment about reversing backwards over zebra crossings and hitting people that way. a white van took full advantage of this fact earlier today and nearly sent me flying across Charlotte Street.
Had I been tieing my shoelaces or taking a quick nap, i would surely have been one less dimensional by now.

the sentence everyone is asking today is “did you feel that”. Our whole building is shaking because of a drilling digger thing going on next door.
herve was sceptical this morning, prompting Sara to repeatedly ask “can you feel it now”.
here is the beast causing the tremours:
i once got an email from one of our sales people who speaks in ‘jive’. he ended one very cryptic email with the phrase “do you feel me ?”.
I didn’t.

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