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Monthly Archives: July 2003

i often see dog catcher vans round london. nowadays they capture furniture (it contains the future remember). here are two gentlement catching a sofa and a bookshelf. they were distracted by a 9volt power supply in a box, so didn’t spot me taking this photo.
these people are a menace, and an enemy to the casual furniture / white good spotter.

here is a smart car with an attachment on the back.
i think it might be a backpack attachment thing so you can carry your car on your back in the tube.
or possibly, someone realised it looked like a dodgem and has adapted the car to run on car overhead electric cables (which unfortunately don’t exist outside of funfairs)

today it was raining. i got very qet. when it rains people use umbrellas. pavements aren’t wide enough for multiple umbrellas. this causes people to think vertically when walking. do i crouch to avoid the oncoming umbrella. do i lift my umbrella high above the oncoming walkers.
it appears the etiquette is that the largest umbrella goes highest. golfing umbrellas go way up in the air, whilst small pop up ones can get away with barely skimming the tops of people’s heads. this is fair as the golfing umbrellas cover the most area and save the smaller umbrellas from getting wet.
no one likes a wet umbrella. that’s the problem with them really.

one way to get more laughs whilst giving a presentation is to camp it up. however you need to be careful you don’t get too tense (two tents).
on the boat we also saw those massive needle things on the bank of the thames. there was no way they were going to fit through the eye of a camel.

tonight we had the pleasure of a pleasure cruise aboard a superior cruise vessel. we also had the pleasure of a DJ called Paris who had a gameplan. His gameplan worked as people started dancing at the required time. he told me he also has a daughter named ‘elektra’. i didn’t ask him his surname.

this morning (6.40am)on the way to work i saw lots of snails out on the street as it was nice and wet for them. walking back this evening (11.50pm) i saw snails on the now dry path way. lots of them.
my game was to walk really fast listening to my stereo really loud (Supergrass) whilst dodging the snails on the floor. there were lots of crushed ones, but I managed to avoid them all myself.
a good ‘on the way back from the pub’ game to play i think.

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