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Monthly Archives: April 2010

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this is one for those looking forward to the UK election.  it’s been really strange viewing things in a detached way from the other side of the planet (we didn’t register for remote voting in time)

i hope it all goes well !


here’s a fantastic thing.  it’s a beer can museum with over 10,000 unique beer cans from around the world.


can there be a more exciting place in the universe ?


i can imagine having that kind of hobby which just sort of gets out of hand



there’s a lovely thing in new zealand of painting the street furniture.  something you’d never get away with at home.  here’s someone invisibly going about his business in a fluorescent jacket and hat


Anzac day is a public holiday here which means you get the day off.  but only if it falls on a week day.  so the bank holiday is effectively ‘lost’. 

but it’s still a hugely important day for New Zealanders and Australians and we were proud to go to a service where Esther was involved through her school. 


catering seemed to date back to the times of the great wars with giant sponge cakes and sandwiches with their crusts removed

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