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i haven’t mentioned my military poncho for a while, but it’s still an essential part of my wet weather wardrobe.


for example, here’s a picture (taken by jane’s mum) of jane and i eating our picnic in the rain on an island in wales


and here we are slightly before a horrendous rain storm turned up on a boat.  everyone laughed at me in my poncho, but i had my camera bag on my knee hence the strange look.


when the rain storm came everyone got absolutely soaked, but i stayed dry (except my backside which got a soaking from the seat).  i got asked a number of times during the day where i’d got my poncho from as the once scoffers had become converts.

so there you are folks.  a military poncho update.  shown here is my lightweight model, ideal for summer showers.  the real heavy duty one is reserved for guaranteed rainy days.


it was back to the thames path yesterday for the latest thrilling instalment of our Thames Path walk.  we did quite a long stretch which involved some steepish hill climbs for once.


there were some amazing riverside buildings, many with strange features like this airborne conservatory


there were also a lot more trains in the background as one of the UK’s main train lines goes whizzing parallel with the thames for a bit



at one point we climbed up a steep hill to find a geocache and had our picnic looking at this amazing view



BR and Mike joined the regulars of our family and jane’s parents


the weather was quite amazing, and with the trees still in leaf we kept getting these fantastic windows through to the river


i think this was the view from whitchurch toll bridge



and here’s most of the team (except esther and me)


there was plenty of passing boat traffic for amusement too


and although we didn’t end at a pub this time, we did have an icecream at the lock shop


so, can there really only be 78.5 miles to go to the end ?


the next bit of the path leaves the river for a bit and does a fair stretch on the road i think which is a bit of a shame.


so there you go.

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