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military poncho


i haven’t mentioned my military poncho for a while, but it’s still an essential part of my wet weather wardrobe.


for example, here’s a picture (taken by jane’s mum) of jane and i eating our picnic in the rain on an island in wales


and here we are slightly before a horrendous rain storm turned up on a boat.  everyone laughed at me in my poncho, but i had my camera bag on my knee hence the strange look.


when the rain storm came everyone got absolutely soaked, but i stayed dry (except my backside which got a soaking from the seat).  i got asked a number of times during the day where i’d got my poncho from as the once scoffers had become converts.

so there you are folks.  a military poncho update.  shown here is my lightweight model, ideal for summer showers.  the real heavy duty one is reserved for guaranteed rainy days.