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October 2009

fantastical dishwasher


in these days of open ness and no hidden secrets for products sold to the public, isn’t it time we started to see what really happens inside dishwashers once the door is closed ?  i’d love to own an actual dishwasher with a glass front door and a spooky green light.


sadly this was only a display model in the local hardware store.  but i think there’s a marketable idea in there somewhere:  complicated domestic appliances with glass walls

half price melted ice creams


get your half price milky puddles here.

and to think i was worried i might run out of things to photo over here !

come on: be a tidy kiwi


no wonder kiwis are on the endangered species list if they can’t keep themselves tidy.  come on kiwis, pull yourselves together.

dairy milk kiwi style


chocolate is expensive here.  but still readily available.  and actually, if you buy a big bar, like this 200g dairy milk, not too bad value


and it’s exciting too.  your chocolate comes in a cardboard wrapper, which is opened to reveal a silver foil covered chocolate bar


there’s something about it which is very Roald Dahl-esque.  i didn’t win a golden ticket sadly


the chocolate itself is quite thin rather than the big old chunksters we got back in blighty (no longer called ‘home’ deliberately when remembering the old days, just over a fortnight ago).

And it tastes different too.  like supermarket own brand chocolate.  but whatever it contains is like human cat-nip as i can’t help scoffing whole bars at a time.

which simply aint good.

you’ve got male


there’s a beach 30 minutes up north from Auckland called Big Manly Beach.  I wasn’t man enough to have my picture taken on it, but we did see some Manly signs.  Manly price cutters looked good (if a little dangerous).

i’m not sure if it’s manly to have a liquor ban or not.  it’s probably especially not manly to admit to it


another day another beach


jane and i headed up north a bit yesterday and found some more absolutely gorgeous beaches.  i’ll stop posting pictures of them soon, but the novelties not yet worn off.


incredibly windy (and therefore cold) today as can be seen from jane’s wonky hair

life’s a beach


still pinching ourselves that this is real and we actually now can call this place home !

why it’s best to draft things in pencil first


i’m more of your ‘straight to ink’ guy, enjoying the randomness of mistakes.  i’ll often go with a spell suggested word on my mobile rather than the word i was planning on using just because it causes the sentence to make no sense. (if anyone from my future employers is reading, i do this strictly for non work related things – mostly).


anyway, i took the first picture above as i liked how the sign was made from multiple pieces of A4.  when i went up to take the photo i saw the pencil drafting underneath and could see why they thought this was a better idea than inking in their draft.

bergurs anyone ?

loch ewe


here is the last of our scottish holiday pictures (i think).  it’s loch ewe.




you have every reason to be fearful in a kiwi supermarket

jane’s old lampshade


sorry about the confusing chronology of pictures at the moment.  i fear it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  so hang on to your time travel hats


we moved out of our house a couple of days before we left the UK as all our stuff was loaded in to the container to be shipped to the other side of the world.  Our last two nights in the UK were spent at Jane’s parents who kindly hospitalised us (i think that’s what i mean).

jane and i slept in her old bedroom which had her old lightshade in.  it was a fitting end to our time in the UK !

dam and (we had a) blast

this is a giant kuri tree.  they are protected in New Zealand.  and a quite marvellous



right, i’m back in something resembling real time !  here are actual pictures from actual real new zealand where we actually really live.  in like a permanent way


it’s quite an exciting place to be.  with bits wobbling and dropping off all over the place


anyway, yesterday was a bank holiday so we went with our excellent friends buzz and wendy and (some of) their kids to a dam to see where our drinking water is kept before it pops out our taps


here it is before it’s in our glass/toilet/shower/dinner (sometimes more than one)


and here’s a view from the top of the dam


and here’s the damn wall itself.  so there you go.  a lovely (dam?) nice day out.  even if the walk back up to the car was a bit of a strain for all involved

the spooky mannequin has changed

i mentioned this great mannequin which we’d found in the local shopping mall (maul?) a day or two ago.  we went back the other day and it had changed clothes again.

and now i can wait to go back to see what it’s wearing next !

big sand


on our last day up in the highlands we went to a beach at the end of the world to find a geocache


unfortunately, due to the rain there was a raging torrent cutting us off from our destination. 


the girls had their wellies on but jane and i had to remove our shoes and wade through the freezing water


we found the geocache eventually


kezia carried my boots over a second rocky stream


here are my feet, previously unseen by sunlight


all in all a good family adventure