October 2009

learning to be weightless


are astronauts really taught to fly by tieing strings round their ears ?


or perhaps that’s only if they’ve been astro-naughty



monday night we went round to ruth and steve’s for another last supper.  they are old family friends who knew both jane and i seperately even before we were going out (in fact ruth may have been partly responsible for us meeting as she ran the church music band where we met, and i think i remember a match-making lunch where she invited us both over …).

they are also one set of esther and kezia’s godparents, and Ruth is a proper northerner.  we’ll miss them heaps.

alien space ship


in between the space centre and the sewer museum is this rather funky artist impression of what an alien space ship might look like.  it was firmly on the sewer museum land though as i suspect the space centre wanted nothing to do with it.  i thought it was excellent.

a nice correction


i love it when an official sign gets corrected.



my day in museums with my dad involved a lot of toilets.  i actually
used the loo three times during our time together, but he didn’t go
once.  we shows a younger man’s bladder can be weaker than an older
one.  fact.


the top picture is from the sewer museum, and the one above is from the space museum.  apparently they train people to use these toilets by videoing the activity so their technique can be honed.  nice.


here are some loo facts


this was a nice money spinning idea for those who wanted to spend a pound rather than a penny


and here’s a lovely training potty


and various paraphenalia (worth a click to see what you can see)