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Monthly Archives: July 2006

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just a few months ago we had a hedgehog under our bed and then we had beasts in our loft (turned out to be nesting birds whizzing around in our loft).
our latest strange beast is this which we found in our house. to begin with we weren’t sure whether it was dead or alive, so we got kezia to poke it gently with a small stick. it didn’t move, then we noticed its legs was falling off and it was a bit crusty.
any ideas what it is ?

a few things to notice about these two vicars in a gunge tank:
1) they are too tall for the delivery box
2) the recoil from the gunge tipping results in some upwards expulsion
3) theresa, the operator, looks to be enjoying it
4) les, who is a trainee vicar (i think) is watching from a safe distance
still, they didn’t seem to mind
(and no vicars with drills this year)

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