July 2006

building a gunk tank

so, how do you build a gunk tank to drop unpleasant substancies on someone’s head for the entertainment of the assembled masses ? follow the instructions here of course !

blue plaster

there are plasters all over the place at the moment. i’ve not managed to take many pictures of them as they have been on crowded pavements and i’d cause an obstruction. and it’s all just too hot to stop.

how to serve lemonade – throw a lemon in to it

this is the label on Tesco lemonade. the picture shows someone throwing a lemon violently in to an already full glass of lemonade, thus spilling it everywhere. this ‘serving suggestion’ probably makes sense to tesco as you end up wasting the drink and having to buy more than you otherwise would have.

glove on the wobbly bridge

my colleague robin spotted this as we walked between two meetings. i’m really pleased with the angle and lines of this wooly glove in summer.



stuff on the lines

commuting in this weather is not fun, especially as my usual morning train has been cancelled more often than it’s actually appeared in the last week meaning i’ve had up to a 3 hours miserable, hot, crushing commute to meetings. which isn’t fun.
but here’s a lighter on the train track
and here’s a comb on the tube track:

a new falling over sign

just when i thought i had all the main people falling over signs i see this one, which is someone tripping over a small step. great stuff

very flat hedgehog

this hedgehog was as flat a carpet tile. but a very good shape.