July 2006

major guy ropes

look at the size of the guy ropes on this little tent.


so, here’s the band this week. it’s x-factor-7. but joke (if there is one) is that there are only 6 of us.
and here’s me with my guitar
and you can hear what we sound like here (30 second clip): Download file

praise the lord

we’re now half way through our church kids holiday club and much fun is being had. and it’s a good excuse to post this picture which i took ages ago, but have been waiting until a good excuse to post it !

the pudding party candle picture

jane and i were invited round to some friends for a pudding party last night where we ate puddings and laughed heartily. as it was going dark i noticed this unlit candle, which was never lit. we remained until it got too dark to see and then we left under cover of the night.

a pile of mini bollards

kezia took this picture. she settled upon this framing after spending ages zooming in and out. once she’d decided how much zoom she needed she then stepped back a bit to change the composition
meanwhile my picture looks a bit boring