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January 2004

10,000th photo

i took my 10,000th photo with my Sony DSC-P71 camera this morning. Here it is. A self portrait of the camera. I bought the camera in September 2002, so that’s 10,000 photos in 16 months.
i do love my camera – But i was a little disappointed to discover the numbering has now gone back to 1. which means i will get duplicate file names and may have trouble uploading things to the blog.
here is photo number 10,000 (also known as photo number 1)
here is photo number 9999
does anyone know anyone who know’s someone who works for sony and could pursuade them to sponsor the blog and/or give me a new camera ?
Whilst we’re talking about numbers, i’ve now posted over 1,500 entries and have around 1000 comments since april last year. this month we’ve had over 4,800 unique visitors and shifted 2.2GB of bandwidth !
what a bizarre thing bloggin is.

tanks on maneuvers

if you have a pet dog you take it for a walk. if you have a cat then it does it’s own thing which usually involves wandering round the neighbourhood.
but what if you run a mini-rainforest ? how do you keep your captive fish happy ? obvious. you drag them round in their tank on a trolley !

living rainforest

it’s been a wet and windy day today, so we thought we’d go to our local rainforest. The place itself is quite small, but it’s worth a trip.
Here’s a rare picture of me and the girls next to a big pond thing:

bag with stuff in

this abandoned over night bag contained a shirt. i didn’t venture any deeper in to it.


one piece found

tube pass

i found a tube pass. it had a photo in it. But it also had about £250 of unused month’s travel on it. so i handed it in at Goodge Street tube station.

technology street

tottenham court road is the street with a million shops selling all your modern electronical gadgetry. they have so much they have to throw some out in to the street and you often see keyboards and other peripherals ‘growing wild’ on bin day.
here is an HP scanner and an Epson printer.

countdown to death

here’s a poignent (pungent?) thing. it’s a tramp asleep in a door way on Oxford Street. There’s a fair amount of them about in london so nothing new there.
but i was struck by the writing in the shop window. was it referring to his life expectancy which he’s been daily reducing from 1 week only to last day.
has he read what his life expectancy is or is he carrying on regardless ?
furthermore, this person has got nothing except a sleeping bag. yet the sign above his feet says ‘or less’.
i was thinking – imagine we all had little counters at home which showed how long we had to live. that would certainly focus my mind …

tea bag on a bench

it’s not easy being a tea bag. you sit in the dark for ages and then you get thrown in to a pot or mug and have boiling water poured on you. then you get chucked in the bin.
this little tea bag is having a sit down on a bench and is nestling (pun intended) up to a kitkat wrapper.

celebrity bench

it’s quite common in big cities to see protective fences around and about to protect the celebrity classes from the paupers. This is particularly popular around places like leicester square where they have lots of film premiers.
Here is bench and a little tree protected from the public by barriers. this would be ideal for a celebrity if they were shopping in Selfridges and wanted to have a little sit down and watch the world go by.


i love chocolate. here is some new style galaxy on the floor by my local train station. i didn’t eat it. instead i bought a sausage and chips which i ate whilst walking back down my icey street. they tasted great and i loved it.
until i dropped my sausage and became irrationally angry. i reminded myself of jonah when his fig tree died (6-9).
i had no right to be angry with God about my lost lunch.

the opposite is true

train signs often seem to be broken. a row of monitors at paddington station had become inverted for no real reason.
good on ’em for daring to be different