January 2004

cat in the bag special

it’s day 8 of the amazing hair growing cat
i suspect we are reaching about the limit of the fur growth now, though i have no evidence to suggest the rate of growth is slowing. i’m just a little scared about what might happen next.
i’m a bit duff at macro photography, but here is my attempt. i’ve tried a few different lighting positions so you can appreciate the fuzzyness of the hair.

click for big versions


i love old technology. here is a hair drying device:
and here is another hair drier and a tv:
DSC09352.jpg DSC09356.jpg
i took these photos at the milestones museum

milestones museum

brother edd took us to the i took these photos at the milestones museum in basingstoke. it was very good.
here is kezia with her ‘sheety’
they had a christmas grotto there, but because it’s after christmas it was santa-less. it was the ideal opportunity to pretend to be him for next year. unfortunately kezia was asleep. but brother edd enjoyed it

two signs

two signs of interest today
don’t drop stuff on people’s heads with a forklift truck:
don’t carry squares over semi-circles:


day 7 of the amazing hair growing cat
it’s been out of the bag for a week now and it’s still growing. here is a picture from a different angle for variety

click for big version
imagine if this wasn’t some weird fur thing, but in fact static electricity made visible by some magical camera technique. i’m not sure if that idea makes it any less eery.

cross roads

cross ? i’d be livid if it were me.
i asked the poor road what had come over it. “3 cars and a lorry” was the predictable cracker-joke answer.

windsor park

having failed to get to windsor park on monday, we did it today instead. last time we went it was lovely and sunny. today it was very cold.
esther has got the hang of starting and stopping which makes cycling more independent.
when we arrived at windsor park esther said “does this all belong to the queen?”
“and can we go in there ?”
“yes, that’s why we’re here”
“that’s very kind of her”
and so it is.
so, if you are reading this and are the Queen of England, then “thankyou” from esther.
here is kezia and a christmas tree decorated in security tape outside a park ranger’s office


here is a glove jane found in windsor park. it was on a fence post in front of the General Stores.
it may even have belonged to one of her majesty’s grandchildren. but probably not.

poultry excepted

the sign next to the swan says pedestrians only. who do swans think they are ? i was thinking of doing a citizen’s arrest, but wasn’t sure whether this was applicable to her majesy’s swans. and i didn’t fancy my chances of survival.
there’s nothing worse for young kids than seeing their father mauled by a swan. so this time i let it go. next time i’ll take some kind of electrical device.
i seem to have real issues with swans.

more nana

my mum arrived after the girls were in bed last night, so there was still plenty of important present giving and cracker pulling to be done
DSC09327.jpg DSC09332.jpg