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i love chocolate. here is some new style galaxy on the floor by my local train station. i didn’t eat it. instead i bought a sausage and chips which i ate whilst walking back down my icey street. they tasted great and i loved it.
until i dropped my sausage and became irrationally angry. i reminded myself of jonah when his fig tree died (6-9).
i had no right to be angry with God about my lost lunch.

4 thoughts on “chocolate”

  1. And WHY don’t we get to see pictures of your sausage on the ground? We get pictures of everything else!!!
    I, personally would like to see pictures of you irrationally angry too.

  2. the reason is quite simple i’m afraid. it was freezing cold, i was carrying my work bag and my chip bag and it was really slippy – so i didn’t have enough arms and hands.
    however, i did look for it this morning on the way to the station so i could get a photo of it belatedly.
    unfortunately, it was gone. il a disparu as they say it french (maybe).
    eaten by a cat or a rat or a bat probably.

  3. i would love to be a vegetarian, but then i think there would be nothing left for me to eat.
    dairy and wheat are out already so there’s only meat and rice left !

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