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Monthly Archives: January 2004

all those nasa/european satellite/rover things have so far only found empty houses on mars) but they haven’t found any people. that’s because they’ve all come to earth and have disguised themselves as traffic cones.
they all stand in long lines along roads in a neat martian order. of course, a few of them are showing their true colours:

i was working from home today and to my surprise a man arrived at my window.
why was it a surprise you ask ? well, it’s because my office at home is upstairs.
how can he hear my thoughts you ask again ? i cannot answer that question without revealing secrets, sorry
meanwhile, outside my house there was loud dance music and a familiar flashing orange light. i looked again and the man outside my window was in a basket.
“my Lord”, i cried, (displaying a rare use of a capital letter) and ran outside with esther and kezia to show them the mobile disco which had pulled up outside our house. the exact same sort i had seen yesterday.
this picture, taken outside our front door, appeals to me from a gravitational pull point of view. the man (who is actually cleaning the street lights and checking the bulbs despite none of them being broken) is dangling over the pavement whilst his van is parked on the other side of the street. he’s chosen to hover over some parked cars for dramatic effect.
i may tell you a bit more about street lightbulbs in a moment … (and so i did)

here is a mysterious key hole on a Central Line platform (Bank i think). It’s a door in the floor. but it’s more than a door in the floor. it’s also got a key hole.
it’s obviously an entrance to another world. it’s not a parallel world because the door is the wrong angle. perhaps it’s a perpendicular world instead ?
DSC09875.jpg DSC09876.jpg

here is a strange thing under a bridge. the first we saw of it was the flashing lights. and then the thumping music. it appeared to be some workmen chancers fixing a light with their van stereo on.
or was it a new mobile disco concept ? they drive round with cherry pickers with flashing lights on top and stop in dark places (like under a tunnel). For £5 they’ll lift you up in the basket and play dance music at you for half an hour.
Ideal for the office worker who can’t get out to discoteques in the evening because of commuting commitments but still would love to dance their funky stuff.
and also, since there is only space for one person in the basket, there’s less likely to be any inappropriate flirtery.

we went out for a family walk this afternoon. after yesterday’s walk we decided kezia needed some bigger boots. so we found these.
they are very fancy as they are sparkly and have a high heel. very fancy, but very impractical.
especially for walking through VERY muddy clay-y recently dug fields.

if you’ve been reading the blog for a long time you may remember this graffiteeed dog poo bin which i drew to your attention.
it caught my eye again today because it was full of dog poo sacks. there had been some unwritten agreement to dangle the handles of the bags out of the lid. it gave the impression that there was a colleciton of octopuses (octopies) in there trying to climb out.

it’s been a good day for my collections. here are a load of playing cards. unfortunately most of these were too worn out to be identifiable. and i’ve also made a policy of only including single cards in my complete collection. multiple finds are interesting, but make it too easy to complete the deck

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