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Monthly Archives: January 2004

esther and kezia helped us load in the guitars this morning.
it was also the debut of nu:generation, the young people’s band. we had two singers, 3 blowy instruments (not sure what they were!), piano, guitar and drums. jane and i joined in on guitar and bass. they had style and volume. a great combination
DSC09828.jpg DSC09829.jpg

cookham is not an instruction. it’s a fantastic village on the thames. we went for a long walk there this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine and pouring rain. esther wore her boots for puddle jumping and kezia went in the backpack.
it’s a really pretty place so if you are anywhere near it and/or love Stanley Spencer, go there !
DSC09807.jpg DSC09798.jpg DSC09800.jpg

here is a mysterious thing in paddington station. it raises more questions than it solves i’m afraid.
why can’t it be moved ? how did they get it there in the first place (they must have written the words on when it was in place). is it a reminder to the ticket inspectors not to listen to people’s sob stories about losing their tickets ? is it for when there is a train strike and is used to accompany the song “we shall not be moved”
and most importantly. if it’s not to be moved, why has it got a handle on the top.

i was lucky enough to be invited to an event in London Aquarium hosted by BT. There were lots of current and ex-colleagues there and i really enjoyed the evening.
I got lost looking for the toilets at one point and ended up wandering around the museum on my own which was very bizarre. just me, the fish and a couple of turtles.
DSC09735.jpg DSC09737.jpg
DSC09739.jpg DSC09748.jpg
here is a man in with the sharks:

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