January 2004


esther and kezia helped us load in the guitars this morning.
it was also the debut of nu:generation, the young people’s band. we had two singers, 3 blowy instruments (not sure what they were!), piano, guitar and drums. jane and i joined in on guitar and bass. they had style and volume. a great combination
DSC09828.jpg DSC09829.jpg


jane cooked hagis for tea as it’s rabbi burns night or something. just thought i’d share this delight with you.


cookham is not an instruction. it’s a fantastic village on the thames. we went for a long walk there this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine and pouring rain. esther wore her boots for puddle jumping and kezia went in the backpack.
it’s a really pretty place so if you are anywhere near it and/or love Stanley Spencer, go there !
DSC09807.jpg DSC09798.jpg DSC09800.jpg

it’s the weekend

it’s the weekend so obviously i present you with the weekly proud father photo of esther and kezia.

all or nothing

jane and i watched All Or Nothing last night. it was most excellent. if you want to find out what British Life is really like then this is the film for you.

hidden tunnels

here is a fantastic site on disused london underground platforms and tunnels.


a glove on my train at 12.15 this morning.

open sign

this sign says the show home is open. but it was half past midnight and it blatantly wasn’t open. i was dissappointed. what kind of 24 hours society are we running here ?

not to be moved

here is a mysterious thing in paddington station. it raises more questions than it solves i’m afraid.
why can’t it be moved ? how did they get it there in the first place (they must have written the words on when it was in place). is it a reminder to the ticket inspectors not to listen to people’s sob stories about losing their tickets ? is it for when there is a train strike and is used to accompany the song “we shall not be moved”
and most importantly. if it’s not to be moved, why has it got a handle on the top.

dirty hand

ever suddenly discover your hand is dirty and you have no idea why ? i did last night. here is the evidence.

fire safety

i love this picture. not sure why. but i do. so there.

3 dimensional signs

one thing i enjoy about the tube system is that many of the signposts are in 3 dimensions. here is a good example at Westminster station. I may find some more examples for you.

toilet sign

the toilet signs in the london aquarium are very good

london aquarium

i was lucky enough to be invited to an event in London Aquarium hosted by BT. There were lots of current and ex-colleagues there and i really enjoyed the evening.
I got lost looking for the toilets at one point and ended up wandering around the museum on my own which was very bizarre. just me, the fish and a couple of turtles.
DSC09735.jpg DSC09737.jpg
DSC09739.jpg DSC09748.jpg
here is a man in with the sharks:


this woolen glove was in the middle of the road and was extremely flat (like a cartoon character run over by a steam roller).
i was pleased to see it was giving me the ‘thumbs up’ despite the obvious traumas it had been through.

a quality street

i found this on the pavement near where i live. it’s been there for a few days. in my opinion it’s a quality street.