jane cooked hagis for tea as it’s rabbi burns night or something. just thought i’d share this delight with you.


2 thoughts on “haggis”

  1. That looks great ….haggis, beans (should be neeps) and tatties – but are those sausages as well? Did you enjoy it? It all depends on where you get a haggis from, as each butcher has a different recipe. I like mine with plenty of onion in it.
    We are having our haggis tomorrow.
    I was curling today with someone who had been to an extremely boozy Burns Supper. To begin the game, you flip a coin to see which team starts. he managed to flip the coin, but could not even see if it was heads or tails. We lost the game, but not by too much. Someone else on the team had had chicken stuffed with haggis – said it was very good!
    Why did you file haggis under odd?

  2. i have to admit to only likely extremely bland food and the haggis proved a little too irregular for me.
    jane tried to convince esther and i it was normal by serving it with beans, mash and sausage.
    i apologise to the great nation for poo-pooing a national dish.

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