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July 2009

a question for you


i’m wondering about what do with the funkypancake blog, so i’d value some feedback ! 

it’s been going for over 6 years and i haven’t changed the format (or content for that matter) much over that time.  We’ve got some major life changing events on the horizon, so now seemed a good time to review where it’s at

here are some questions you could cut and paste in to an email and ping back to me at 

* can you still be bothered to look at all this stuff  ?

* how often do you read it ?

*  and how – on a proper computer or a mobile phone etc ?

* do you look at the webpage or read via an RSS reader ?

* are there too many / too few pictures every day ?

* what sorts of pictures work best ? 

* would you like to see other life ramblings interspersed – eg my twitters etc ?

* would you like a little bit more life updating, which might involve some blog posts of just words.

* do you have any thoughts on better ways of displaying my wares ?

* are there any better design options or ways of doing the site that could make things easier ?

* are pages too slow to load ?

* what’s your favourite vegetable and why ?

* why don’t people leave comments any more ?  is it simply too tricky to work out how to do it or is there actually no one there ?

so there you go.  words.  a rare thing on funkypancake.  please send me an email and tell me what you think !  i’ll give you a week to reply and i’ll attempt to do some redesigning week after next

toodle pipkins 

update: by the way, do include a link to your own webpage/twitter etc and/or if you know any good sites you think i might be interested in.  and i promise not to spam your email address



this was easelly identified

chick and hat


one of the many cake decorations on jane’s cake

two tone dog zone


two slightly different dog signs in the same area.  interesting.