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Monthly Archives: June 2007

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another day off last wednesday so jane and i went on a walk in crazies hill. here is penny lane
unfortunately the book was a bit vague and we got quite lost and went off the side of the map by quite a distance (we discovered later). this sign helped us find our way back on track.
it was a jolly nice place. you should go.

jane and i went for a walk at crazies hill on wednesday, and walked by crazies hall.
it looks quite posh. that’s because it ‘bears the facade of the old Henley town hall’ (according to here)
but it’s not particularly subtle
and some rather fancy gates are being fitted
a quick google search reveals the internal layout which is very fancy ! hoorah for the internet

i need to explain what’s going on here. i’m taking a picture of a traffic warden who is taking a picture of the man in a brown jacket. he’s taking a picture of the white van, which is a congestion charge van parked in a no parking area. meta-enough ?

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