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June 2006

dummy in hyde park
nearly exactly one year on in the same place as live8 i spotted this dummy (and could you imagine my surprise when i saw a Farringdon Lan sign in the background – not really)

farringdon lan
i took a picture of this as i thought it was a view of the wireless future where every street or area has its own wifi computer network. Farringdon is fairly high-techy area so that seemed appropriate.
but imagine my surprise when i looked at the photo more closely. click on the picture for a big view and look at the right side of the name plate ! This sign was quite high up the wall and i didn’t spot it at the time.
i love it when i discover undiscovered things in my discoveries !


reflection of christ

this photo might sum up the christian life. christians are to be reflection a christ for the world to see (note the surveilance camera top left).
my reflection is pretty rusty – most of the time you wouldn’t know me from adam.


bollards are rubbish at hide and seek

as if we needed more evidence of bollards’ inabilities to play hide and seek, here’s one hiding behind a giant arrow. the arrow is pointing to its feet ! what dreadful hiding.