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Monthly Archives: June 2006

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i took a picture of this as i thought it was a view of the wireless future where every street or area has its own wifi computer network. Farringdon is fairly high-techy area so that seemed appropriate.
but imagine my surprise when i looked at the photo more closely. click on the picture for a big view and look at the right side of the name plate ! This sign was quite high up the wall and i didn’t spot it at the time.
i love it when i discover undiscovered things in my discoveries !

this photo might sum up the christian life. christians are to be reflection a christ for the world to see (note the surveilance camera top left).
my reflection is pretty rusty – most of the time you wouldn’t know me from adam.

as if we needed more evidence of bollards’ inabilities to play hide and seek, here’s one hiding behind a giant arrow. the arrow is pointing to its feet ! what dreadful hiding.

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