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June 2006


too big for the tube

telecom john sent me this photo of a chap being transported down Euston road. he’s got a very funny bottom.

vin’s cute 66

vin sent me this numbered mini which he entitled ‘cute 66’. which made me chuckle !


restrictions on the inside

this was taken in the inside of the place where most people only get to look at the outside (and listen to the bongs of the big clock)

sky rat landing zone

this tourist is taking her life in hand by letting these pidgies land on her head. they are known to carry horrible diseases as well as being unpleasant to look at.
and the pigeons are just as bad. boom tish.

a proper glove

i haven’t seen any proper gloves for a while so i was delighted to see this in the rain.


there were some great mechanical robot things in trafalgar square last evening. i took a few photos and some video which i was going to post but then i saw Russell’s entry on the same thing and his excellent video so i haven’t bothered ! have a mooch round his blog whilst you are over there (don’t forget to come back again !)
however, i did manage to get a picture of the chap who built them, seen clearly here with his back to us in the british summertime rain.