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Monthly Archives: June 2006

i had a business lunch with someone yesterday in a very posh restaurant, but they were 50 minutes late and i only had an hour for lunch so i didn’t eat (the cranberry juice is nice though). During my waiting time i did study the menu quite well and noticed you could get broad beans with jam on. which was a nice idea.

on Monday we went to see the scarecrows in Sonning on Thames which is a cool annual thing they do each year.
here are just a few of the 70-odd scarecrows people had made
Pirates of the Caribean
Rolf Harris
Sonning Zoo
Oh dear – i thought this one was a car crash which seemed a bit in appropriate. it was actually making a point about the queues through the village to get across the bridge (but of course!)
Alan Titchmarsh and their local MP (in the background)
Esther’s favourite was Winnie the Pooh playing pooh sticks in someone’s garden
Dobie (from Harry Potter)
i loved this Mighty Boosh one featured Milky Jo (and Old Greg out of shot)

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