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Monthly Archives: February 2005

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i love it when categories collide. how about this. it’s a glove on a dog sign.
we approached it by walking up a slippery icey field and just as it came in to sight the clouds parted and it was illuminated by the sun. as soon as i’d finished taking the photos it went back to being dark and dismal again !
how can people believe there is no god ?

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there’s a lovely village in south Oxfordshire called Hambleden. it’s where they filmed some of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Vicar of Dibley.
You can walk from this picturesque village down the valley to the River Thames. you should do it sometime.

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i got an email yesterday from annie of asking if she could link to my glove collection.
of course she can, and to thank her, you can go visit her collection too. whilst i go for the non-interventionist approach (ie capture them in their natural environment and leave them be), annie takes them home and cares for them (rather like i do when i find a passport photo).
As a result i don’t think she’s got many of the rather clinical medical ones i seem to spot round the back of hospitals ! also links to other glove sites and this rather interesting article.
it’s great weather for glove finding at the moment. here are a few i’ve found in the last few days:

this sign nicely explains what the problem is, it’s impact on others, and then goes on to offer a solution.
it uses the word ‘ATTENTION’ instead of ‘Notice’ which is the only slightly aggressive part of the sign. but generally i think this is a terrif example of ‘no bicycle’ signage.

london is bidding for the 2012 olympics. here is part of an exhibition to celebrate the fact we’re in with a chance.
it’s a giant statue in trafalgar square. there’s a person in the foreground in the picture which might give you some idea of the scale.

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here was a pain au chocolat i had one morning last week. it’s only got one seam of chocolate which was a real disappointment at the time.
not a lot of people know this, but ‘pain au chocolat’ literally translated means ‘the pain of chocolate’, which means ‘chocolate window’.

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