February 2005



open plan office

on the South Bank there is a publishing company which has its offices next to the public walkway. They have massive windows and no privacy !
last night as i walked past i saw that one of the offices, which used to contain some big-cheese from the looks of it, had been gutted. i drew the conclusion that the owner of the office must have left the company and his/her spoils were up for grabs.
it’s a classic tale – we worklike mad for years thinking we’re making a difference, but once we’ve left people are more interested in taking ownership of our deluxe stapler than for anything we contributed to the job.
cheery thursday morning thoughts. still, have a look at the stuff on offer !

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strange chap at paddington station

it’s a wooden man with a flourescent jacket. looks like he can be turned upsway down to get a negative version of himself.
very strange.

painting in progress

i was impressed by this painter’s attention to detail. he’s got both ‘painting in progress’ and ‘wet paint’ signs.
i suspect he may also have ‘painting about to start’ and ‘don’t worry the paint is now dry’ signs too.

worn insole

how does something like this end up on the street ?
did someone get annoyed with it as they walked along, pulled off their shoes, grabbed the insole and threw it in to the street ?


a fluffy red glove:
two plastic red gloves:
a glove picking things out the bin:


so where’s does the modern man (or lady) go ogling ?
ogle street. that’s where.

lifting the moon

did you know that the moon is getting quite old these days and isn’t working too well anymore ?
once it’s going it’s fine, but they have to lift it by crane in the evening to get it started.


british people love queuing. here are a few standing in line by some bins.

the forbidden lift

i was disappointed to see this sign so i looked down the lift shaft to see what was going on:
i was glad i hadn’t stepped in to the lift as there wasn’t a floor:
so, it’s one of those ‘goods downwards quickly’ lifts that we sometimes call ‘a hole’.

changing room

it’s not just superheroes who get changed in telephone boxes. here’s an old jumper of non superhero quality.

1st february – christmas is finally over

can you believe someone’s only got round to throwing their christmas tree out this morning.
i hope that they put this tree up in their house in early November.
i salute their dedication to the christmas spirit.
i suspect they’ve replaced it in the corner of their room with a giant easter egg.