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Monthly Archives: February 2005

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on the South Bank there is a publishing company which has its offices next to the public walkway. They have massive windows and no privacy !
last night as i walked past i saw that one of the offices, which used to contain some big-cheese from the looks of it, had been gutted. i drew the conclusion that the owner of the office must have left the company and his/her spoils were up for grabs.
it’s a classic tale – we worklike mad for years thinking we’re making a difference, but once we’ve left people are more interested in taking ownership of our deluxe stapler than for anything we contributed to the job.
cheery thursday morning thoughts. still, have a look at the stuff on offer !

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i was disappointed to see this sign so i looked down the lift shaft to see what was going on:
i was glad i hadn’t stepped in to the lift as there wasn’t a floor:
so, it’s one of those ‘goods downwards quickly’ lifts that we sometimes call ‘a hole’.

can you believe someone’s only got round to throwing their christmas tree out this morning.
i hope that they put this tree up in their house in early November.
i salute their dedication to the christmas spirit.
i suspect they’ve replaced it in the corner of their room with a giant easter egg.

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