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this trolley was full of little bottles of pepsi.  i like abandoned trolleys, especially in the supermarket.  it’s like you’ve caught the ghost of someone or something.

did the person who’d collected all these suddenly come to their senses and realise this wasn’t a healthy and left the shop ?


here was the view from my little hotel in london town on wednesday night.  it looked behind a set of terrace houses near paddington station


i thought it was really interesting to see what happens over the back of these buildings which are enclosed all along the street (two rows of terrace houses back to back with buildings along each end as well)


and thanks to the magic of google you can see it from the air too:

and here it is at night (from my window)


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those who track my twitter feed will know that i ended up presenting an award at an industry awards show on Wednesday night.  carol thatcher was the compère (her mum is mrs thatch) and we briefly discussed the volume of the music that was playing when winners were announced.  luckily that stopped my inadvertent boogie !


here’s the luxury waiting area behind the scenes for those about to present awards


this is how my dessert tools ended up after a wine glass collision


and this was the route to my starter


a nice night out

Monday was a sad day at work as some of the old team gathered to say good bye to a piece of equipment which had served us well for almost exactly 10 years.

harry kicked off the proceedings by disconnecting his leechy computer thing from the big computery thing (stop me if i’m getting too technical)


people generally don’t say goodbye to equipment in these modern days, preferring just to buy the latest newer or more exciting thing, so it was refreshing to be able to say goodbye like this.


i got to flick the first set of power switches to start the beginning of the end


this wasn’t part of the proper switchoff procedure, but it was great to see a switch with a little plastic protective covering, so was worth a press anyway


i guess part of the reason for saying goodbye to this piece of equipment was just how big it was.  you can’t just walk away from something the size of a ground floor of a building.  your iphones/pods etc can’t compete with that for size


there were some excellent retro computer type things about to look at whilst the procedure to suck the life out of it continued


more corridors between cabinets


these were some good buttons


pete did the penultimate one.  or it might have been the last but one


and john, keeper of the equipment did the final final one which involved clipping some cable ties


and all too soon it was over.  system x.  good night.


oh, and here’s walter pointing at some very neat wiring he once did.


those who have been reading the blog since it started will remember peter, john, walter and harry from when the blog was more spontaneous and even updated in real time.  feels like an age ago.  because it was.

you can see a few more photos here

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