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July 2004

loch lomond shores

there’s a place on the south end of loch lomond called ‘loch lomond shores‘:
it’s very nice and you get to see a nice IMAX video and a very poor animatonic thing.
but the best bit is the view from the top:

a pie in the tree

i spent about 20 minutes trying to convince esther and her friend catherine that pince cones are in fact eggs containing baby mice. when they didn’t believe me i admitted i’d got it wrong (i’m man enough).
i explained instead that baby dogs came out of pine cones and if they came along very early on a sunny summer morning they would hear the pine cones popping and puppies flying out. they didn’t believe this either, but i think they enjoyed being smarter than an old person for a while !
on the way out esther pointed up at this tree and said “look mummy, there’s a pie in that tree”. and so there wasn’t. unless it’s a giant mushroom pie.


here are tony, tanya, liz, jane and numberous kids as seen earlier today

the vyne

a trip to the vyne today. it’s very nice and worth a visit if you are in the area (or even not as we aren’t):
and again with tony’s head in the way:

green bollards

national trust bollards are green. they are the special forces of the bollard world. experts in stealth and undercover operations.
they also have funny round bits on their heads making them look like chess prawns. i know it should be ‘pawn’ but ‘prawn’ always sounded better.

the great british picnic

the great british picnic usually takes place in a car park. you’ll also need to take an umbrella. the umbrella WILL be needed to protect you from either the wind, rain or sun.
today it was a sun repellent.
DSC05786.jpg DSC05828.jpg

middle class equipment

our friend tony is trying really hard to be middle class. so much so that he bought himself a picnic hamper. here are the wine goblets with associated rosey red apples.
later tony slept on the floor next to the picnic and his car:
meanwhile the girls blew bubbles:
and then sat in the boot of the car:

sherfield on loddon post office

now, i had a bit of a rant about he british post office system yesterday.
i was therefore delighted to spot this in the front garden of the post office in sherfield on loddon – it’s a crocodile, half a dog and a load of plastic ducks:

red bollards still attacking

it’s no wonder red bollards are so prevalent. look how these ones have climbed on top of each other to overpower this little green chap.
the same happened with grey and red squirrels you know.

feeding bench

one minute there was just bread then there were giant baked potatoes. a mystery caught on camera.
DSC05766.jpg DSC05768.jpg