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Monthly Archives: July 2004

there’s a little hill in balmaha (near the massive hill) which you can climb up quite easily. on this occasion jane carried kezia.
here is jane getting her breath back:
we were not alone in enjoying the view:

jane’s dad looks and ponders:
everyone looks and ponders:

i like going supermarket shopping with esther and kezia. i think this is because i do it so rarely it’s still a novelty.
here is a game you can play to bring even more fun to a shopping trip. get a massive multi-pack of crisps and try to get your youngster to balance it on their head whilst you whizz them about on the trolley.
kezia did quite well, although she found the bag of oven chips we tried later a little cold.

i went to the supermarket with kezia this afternoon as a father/daughter bonding thing. we walked past the men’s pants department and i saw these keyhole trunks.
trunks seems a modern word for pants (and i use this term in the most british of senses – non of your trousers here pls).
and what’s the keyhole bit all about ? is it for those physiologically challenged ? or a modern day chastity belt ? it’s all too much for me to comprehend.
next they’ll be saying men need to wear single piece swimming costumes at public pools.

we had a very nice trip to Milarrochy Bay with cousin catherine, cousin mike and his parents.
here is a view of the loch:
inspired by the children cousins jane and catherine regressed and built a sand speed boat for esther and kezia (mike’s dad provided valuable engineering input):
jane’s parents spot something funny in a tree:
DSC05005.jpg DSC05003.jpg
then kezia came down and walked through a very photogenic hollow tree:

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