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Monthly Archives: April 2006

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kezia and i had an impromtu day out in london yesterday.
we started off at little venice (now a very short walk from Paddington station) where there was a canalway calavcade (it’s on until 1st may, so you should pop along if you live near/in london). more info here.
we then tracked down the canal boat stop and got a canal to Camden (more info here). the canal trip was very nice and stops by London Zoo which might be a neat way or reaching it from paddington.
we then wandered round camden looking at people’s hairstyles and enjoying the various smells and sounds, before dropping down the Northern Line to Bank where we got on a DLR driver-less train. unfortunately the one we were on broke down so it was driven a little of the way, but it was still good fun to sit at the front and pretend to be the drivers before it broke down !
then we had a wander round Canary Wharf and West India Quay before heading back on the Jubbly Line.
despite all the loveliness of the canal and the crazyness of Camden, Kezia loved the Docklands and the dark tunnel on the DLR (as it leaves Bank) best

i’m not sure how many visitors will be aware, but in southern england we’ve already got a hose pipe ban as we’ve had two very dry winters (apparently). that and the victorian pipes carrying our water supply around are all leaky and no one can find any victorians to get a refund.
anyway … here’s the queen blatantly flouting the rules, or is she …
well, it seems she might not be as there was this funny bubbly thing in St James’ Park (and the hose pipe in the background). so i think she was just draining her lake instead. hopefully no pelicans will have been sucked up

i love this sign. it says “why don’t you leave our plants alone, you miserable thief”.
there’s a good use of capital letters (even i agree with their use in this case). And the sentiment is tremendous.
we can only hope the thief reads this little label which was tied to the neck of a large pot plant. they don’t call those bits of a plant necks do they ? trunk i meant. sorry.

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