April 2006


click the picture to see the big version and enjoy the modernisation

steaming pile and a big dog

michelle sent me this sign which she spotted in Fielding Park, Sudbury, Ontario. which is in canada i think.



death – the same the world over

death hey. funny old thing. i assume this cigarette packet says “smoke these and you’ll croak” in polish or something. i don’t smoke, but i think i’ll still die sometime.
2 cigarette related posts in one day. what are the chances of that ? perhaps it’s to do with this


on the way to lunch with russel i saw these two loud inhalers next to a cigarette. a bit like doc leaves around stingy nettles i thought
when i came back they had been elevated and put on a railing
then i read the sign which nearly says private property left on railings will be removed (but doesn’t quite)

funkypancake’s third birthday (and i forgot)

we were obviously celebrating other things, but on Easter Sunday, Funkypancake was exactly three years old ! i’ve only just realised, but none of you mentioned it either did you. that probably shows how old we are in web years.
so, without realising it we celebrated it by being live on national TV. in fact the blog was running on automatic that week so i wasnt even around to notice i hadn’t noticed the bloggy birthday, which is also somehow fitting.
anyway, i’ve updated funkypancake each day for the last 3 years with around 10 new photos for your enjoyment. , and funkypancake has had somewhere around 634,000 unique visitors, causing 35million hits and well over a million visits ! fancy that.
still no awards though. not to worry (although you could pop over and nominate me for the photobloggies – you need to enter https://www.funkypancake.com/blog in the relevant places)
thanks for all your comments and visiting – i very much appreciate of it.
i wonder what the next 3 years hold ? probably more photos i expect.

footpath to north hill

i like this picture. i think it’s the directness and pointyness of the sign. click for the big version and make it your desktop (or something)


kezia got stung by stingers/stingas last weekend and i found a doc leaf for her. she thought it brilliant. (because they are brilliant).



human chain

these chaps are facing the wrong way down a one way street. this may have been their final mistake (but it wasn’t)

no access to the toilets

this is a great sign generally, but the little handwritten graffiti makes it even better. was this written by the toilets ?

planner’s lunch

yesterday i had lunch with fellow blogger, and occasional commenter Russel of eggs bacon chips and beans. What a nice and interesting man.
of course he beat me to blogging about it as he uses real time whilst i blog in advance. so perhaps i was there first after all (i wasn’t)