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February 2006

large hill ski jumping

just in case you didn’t know where you were
sliding across the gurder on to the starting position
heading off
here is the big hill (click to see the big version where you can see the top)

police branding

how’s this for a hideous logo ? it’s criminal.

men’s slalom
men’s slalom was probably my favourite to watch. the sun was great and with my zoomy lens i could watch the skiier coming down the hill far away
i loved their handbreak turns at the bottom

speed skating

i’m finally back to reality after being knocked out by flu for a week, followed by a few days away with jane, then a trip to the winter olympics ! Expect plenty of photos.
speed skating is great for arm waving
the italian winner
the bloke who came last

glove sniping

spotted and captured through a coach window as we spead through the streets of turin.