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October 2005


guess the building

what which london building is this ? it’s a b-list in terms of buildings go, but is still quite imposing.

walter looking sideways

my colleague walter was happy to volunteer to be the first person to feature in my ‘people looking sideways’ category

pig medley

with apologies to all vegetarians … and pigs

bournemouth fence curious

mermaid with funny arms
yellow polka dot bikini
red sunglasses
jellied eel

oakley court and bray studios

jane and i went for a walk down the (side of the) thames yesterday near Eton/Windsor-ish. From the north side of the river you pass Oakley Court Hotel and Bray Studios.
Oakley Court Castle is famous for being in various films including Saint Trinians, Dracula (the Hammer version) and the Rocky Horror Picture Show (history here). For an obsessive fan site which shows how the castle was used for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, see here
next to the Castle are Bray Studios which are famous for the Hammer Horror films. Nowadays it’s more used for telly shows and bands practising before going on big arena tours (i think)

tim’s party

we were invited to Tim’s 40th birthday party last night and had a great time.
here is the glitter ball in the outside marquee
and here is the cake (it’s tim fishing)

the south bank is the new covent garden for buskers. this chap was particular energetic and made me laugh.