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Monthly Archives: October 2005

the girls are away for a few days so jane (my lovely wife) and i took full advantage of our free weekend by going to Sonning Mill which is a great place.
here’s the view from our table (the people who were sitting this had already gone through to the theatre)

pubbish is a good word. it was written on a piece of paper outside a publisher’s office near where i work so perhaps it’s a contraction of ‘publishers rubbish’
but i think it better describes the feeling of wanting to nip to the pub. “i’m feeling a bit pubbish. fancy it?”

eagle eyed vin spotted the interesting barrow man here and asked for more details, so here he is in a sequence of four pictures i took from up the Monument a few weeks back.
here he is with a ‘customer’ ?
tidying up
preparing to move off
on his way
and that’s all i have. it looks like offal in the trolley. or perhaps it’s poultry.

it was as hot as summer’s day today, official the hottest day ever or something (for October i think). and london was packed. the BBC has some interesting weather news here
i had a meeting on the south bank and took my big camera to get some decent shots. unfortunately i’m clueless so most of my photos were rubbish (i need to go on a course …)
anyway, it’s also half-term holidays so london was full of tourists, especially just here.

can you believe it, i managed to reunite this chap with his lost travel card! hoorah for a happy ending.
in all my time collecting photos for davescollections, this is the first one i’ve reunited
for those interested in the story of reunition:
from the ticket i knew his local train station, so i found which train operators run out of that station and phoned their lost property department. they put a note with my phone number in his file and when he went in to buy his replacement ticket he got the message to phone me

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