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June 2004

paper hats

paper hats are a stupid idea. especially these sort which is kind of like a spiral on your head.
they were very popular in the 70s. i hope they aren’t making a revival.
there were loads of school kids wearing them outside Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre today. not all the hats survived.

my most valuable find ?

i spotted this thing on the floor this morning in a rather posh street. I suspect it might be quite valuable as it has some stamp on the metal and the jewel looks fancy.
but i know nothing about that kind of thing so it’s probably not worth anything. i left it on some railings in case the owner comes back to look for it.
DSC04225.jpg DSC04227.jpg

danger on the streets

there’s a tube strike today which means the streets are full of people with maps trying to find their way to work above ground for a change.
i kept wanting to shout “i do this everyday you know”. but didn’t. instead i enjoyed the chaos at every road crossing as people tried to work out the traffic light phasing and deal with the random london drivers.
i was heartened to see that if things got really bad people could turn to violence. this razor blade and carpet gripper thing (bit of wood with nails sticking up) would provide ideal weapons if someone wanted a duel.
not sure who would win though.
DSC04222.jpg DSC04223.jpg

number 460

it looks like all the old custom minis have been replaced with new custom minis. After yesterday’s 265, here is number 460.

a new venture

here’s my new venture. let me know what you think and/or if you have any vague facts you’d like to add.

the special US/UK relationship

the US and UK have a special relationship. so our politicians tell us.
here it is in practice. takes up a lot of space on the bench don’t they ?
as a result of their ‘special relationship’ members of the public can’t relax.
these chaps are made of chocolate. just like the real ones. churchill was renown for melting in front of a hot fire on winter’s evening.

john hegley ?

this is possibly john hegley. certainly looked like him and sounded like him. but i’m not an expert on his appearance.
i may also have walked past john cleese but it could just have been any old chap with a moustache so was probably a false positive.


glove on the bank of the thames. lucky for us it was low tide, otherwise we may have missed it !


this chap was painting this wall in the middle of the street. i grabbed this photo in about 3 seconds and zoomed on my way. i wish i’d stayed a bit longer to frame it better, but there you go.

click for generous biggernisation

a nice set up

another glastonbury homage ? it’s a nice little set up of van, tent and big bits of telecoms equipment.

tree moving

it’s not clear if this tree is going up or down. such is life for the city tree.

hot drink poll

so, another poll is archived away to be forgotten. The other category contained:
* white, one sugar
* one cyanide, pldease 🙂
* hot water, honey and lemon please
* soy chai, yum !
thanks for voting – i feel we are all getting to know each other a little bit better with each poll