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Monthly Archives: June 2004

i did another early start this morning and by the time the kids woke up i’d already done a good half day’s work. i’ve been reviewing a stupidly document and didn’t notice esther come in and set herself up ready to play her guitar.
what followed was a pleasant pre-breakfast serenade.

we had a band practice at church last night (the second of three nights running for band practices this week).
it had finally stopped raining and the sun came out. it looked very pretty so i took a couple of photos.
hoorah for june and late night opening (but the nights are drawing in now)
here is the church:
and here is the field behind the church:

it’s much easier to spot mistakes on other people’s stuff than your own. there’s a missing full stop on vdu which probably doesn’t even need any full stops in this day and age.
i went on a plan english course last week and it was fantastic. highly recommended.

brad came up with the idea of putting all the manhole covers from Queen Anne Street on one image which could be used as a desktop background. so here it is. thanks to brad for sending me a version.
i’ve sized it to 1024 x 768 as visitor stats show me that this is what over half of visitors have their screen set to.
Click on the picture below then right click on the big picture and choose ‘set as background’ (or something similar).

i spotted a lovely little old lady with a massive white hat on walking on the opposite side of the road. she looked so sweet i thought i should take her photo.
unfortunately on my first attempt my camera wasn’t in focus and on my second attempt a bus turned up and a taxi drove by. a second later she was on the bus and long gone.
but you get the idea.
DSC04073.jpg DSC04074.jpg

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