June 2004

death trap

the aftermath of plumbers is always exciting. we’ve had a few surprised following last weeks heating replacement.
this is my favourite. it’s bare wires sticking out of a hole on top of our kitchen work top. just next to where the girls sometimes sit when jane is in the kitchen.
i suspect we won’t let them sit there for a while.


it’s another day of manic working from home trying to meet my last current horrible deadline (before the next horrible deadlines come along tomorrow) …
having dragged myself out of bed at 4.30 i was keen to get straight to work. but the world of computers is never that helpful and i ended up having to reinstall Acrobat reader to read a document.
somewhere in this process, this little message popped up which i read as ‘recomposting data’ which is a much nicer concept. perhaps it’s a form of ‘organic digitalisation’.
you’ll be pleased to know that everything is working well again.


we spent a very happy afternoon in the dragoon household. they’ve got a little kitten which kezia loved. it’s called tickles
and here’s grahame and the cat:

alan with a paper hat on

esther made this hat in sunday school. people were keen to try it on. i was keen to take their photo.


We’re doigna series on Judges at church. We’ve reached Samson and i felt sadness at my lost hair. But in the scale of things it’s not an issue.


all together now “one of these kids is not like the other one …”

tug ‘o’ war

the highlight of the country fair is the tug ‘o’ war. local kids get to take on the local cadets and prove once and for all who is the bestest. i suspect it’s where the local gangs setlle their scores. it’s a very passionate occasion.
of course the civilians won and against the military which was a nice post-iraq statement (in its own way):
DSC04143.jpg DSC04145.jpg
this man is a complete star. he comperes the show all day by basically speaking for 7 hours solid and saying whatever comes in to his head. it’s completely mad and really funny. probably drives his wife mad.
it wouldn’t surprise me if he organises the entire show so he can do his compering turn. whatever, he’s the highlight for me each year.
he was in charge of setting up the rope for the tug’o’war as well as judging the winners:
after the matches this man came and took the rope away (i suspect he was going to sell the old thing for cash):
but what of the local kids who’d been whooped up and wished to celebrate their winnings ? well, they had a massive playfight in the middle of the ring, watching by dozens of bemused spectators:

best dressed woman award

it was the hurst horse show and contry fair this afternoon. bit wet but lots of fun. one of my favourite bits was this lady who did a turn dancing with her dog to lo-fi music over the tannoy system. it was quite remarkable.
but you would have guessed that to look at her.
DSC04115.jpg DSC04125.jpg


reading was full of people giving away balloons today. We were offered 9 balloons in the 2 hours we were there. we took just three (one each for the girls and then this butterfly).

sharp saleslady

this lady was selling knives in a reputable department store so i don’t think she was diddling people. But she was really funny to listen to. Partly her accent but mostly her patter.
she opened her pitch by saying “these are the world’s most advertised knives” and along the way cut a chunk out of her bread board and the end off a hammer.
“these knives stay sharp forever, so you’ll never have to buy another one” and then a few minutes later, “Buy one today and i’ll give you two more for free, and i’ll even throw in 2 other knives”.
So, like i only need one of these for the rest of my life, but you are going to give me 5 ? Needless to say we didn’t buy any, but i did enjoy the show !

messy meals

i took esther and kezia to mcdonald’s today. i was amazed at how much mess they made. kezia insists on turning her cup upside down when drinking with a straw and esther managed to drop her ice-cream tub on her lap.
an old miserable couple sat on the table next to us and muttered to each other every time they made another little mess.
“GET A LIFE, THIS IS McDONALD’S” (i nearly said)

window dog

here is a no dogs sign from the Oracle centre in Reading. It’s on the glass so is a bit tricky to see.

tickets available from the ticket office

i like this sign. it’s appeared at my local train station in the ticket office.
it’s nice that it’s a ‘special notice’ but i think it’s probably not following the tain house-style.