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September 2010

go in through the window


i like the whizzyness of the sign.  if you’ve got a jet car, this is how you’d arrive at your flat.



the light blue tops slowly advance on the dark blue tops.  milk racism is rife

gallery closed on monday


i spotted this sign as i exited the gallery after having had a good look round.  ooops.

london as it was


this was in a historic house we visited recently.  it’s london during the 1800s.  i miss london.  not enough to want to come back and live there, but i miss the streets, endless adventures and infinite potential.

that’s all here too, but less intensively plopped (geographically speaking)

camera and barometer


they went to extreme lengths to capture exif data in the days before digital photography

gorgeous ladies


i sold a load of these before i left the UK on ebay.  and here are a load of looky-like-ies in a cupboard in a historic house