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November 2005

posh seats

i bet you have to wear a shell-suit if you want to sit on these.


british people can’t get enough beer. so we’ve finally got 24 hour drinking. and there’s compulsary beer road blocks, such as seen here, next to the public toilets in covent garden. very convenient.

random beligian events

the chap sitting next to me on the eurostar was about the same age as me (ie 400 months old tomorrow) and he put a giant pair of headphones on, plugged in his giant portable cd player and played load music. despite looking very uncool the music he was playing can only be described as ‘light vocal’.
i did notice when he changed the CD that he was listening to two rick astley CDs, both of which were signed !
after checking in to my hotel i went out for a meal in a restaurant and the person next to me left her magazine behind. being on my own i decided to read it (it was in french). i managed to understand most of this article on hemorrhoids, and there was also an article on constipation, so all based were covered. haemorrhoids are the third most common belgian ailment you know ?

the tahiti room

i’m in brussels for a conference and rather than staying in the expensive hotel where it’s being held i decided to do a google for ‘strange hotel brussels’ and came up with this place i’m staying, which is half the price and twice the fun.
the hotel is called the welcome hotel and is very cool (the photos section of the website shows some of the other room designs)
i’m staying in the tahiti room

a very sinister scene: a man trapped in a phone box by a bollard and a big doc marten boot in the foreground.