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i bet you have to wear a shell-suit if you want to sit on these.

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  • I suppose if your man in a shell-suit had a gammy leg, and he tried to remove the chair, he would limpit away!

  • that was bad even for your standards !

  • Then he’d have it on his conch-ience.

  • Vin: I can see we are going to have some word banter going on. I’m shell-fish enough to want to win this and crab the prize! I suppose if I were a betting man (I’m not) the prize would be Sick-squid.
    Your turn!

  • Some razor-sharp gags there, rascle – I’ve an ocean you’ve been exercising your laugh mussels and scratching your scallop to winkle out those puns. Perhaps Mi-chelle will join in (shell be most whelk-ome) and I know funkypancake lobster crack a few himself. If I am able to clam a prize I hope it’ll be a Rolex Oyster, but it’ll probably just be a canteen of cuttlery (and I’m so skint I’ll have to take it along to the prawnshop). I’m not shore, though – it’s a cray area. And if I were a betting man (which I’m not) I’d have a flutter at Coral.

  • Sorry for the delay out of the office Friday.
    I can see we are going to make a m’eel of this. I’ve just cod to reply. Perhaps you are trying to put me in my plaice? or shell we both retire gracefully and await another round.

  • i’ve fished my brain for a whitty remark…
    (thanks for the mention, i feel very funkypancake-cool)!

  • and so you should.
    do they teach this punning at school ? it’s something i’ve got a (fish) and chip on my shoal-der about.

  • No, let’s continue unherringly, wrassecle, seeing’s you’ve widened the net a bit to include fish, which came as a bit(e) of a shark. There are plenty more fish in the sea, so it should be a piece of hake. Everybody’s doing it – ex-Beatle bass player Mackerel be whiting a fish-song next. “I’m Forever Blowing Barbels” was a good fish-song, but he didn’t write that one. “The Ling and Whiting Roach” was his, though, as of course were “Blenny Lane” and “It’s Getting Batter”. “There’s a Plaice” was a Lennon composition, however, as was the magnificent “A Dace in the Life” and “#9 Bream”. Both those guys were great tunasmiths. As for the Sex Pistols, “Never Mind the Pollocks” was carp. Now I’ve made a sprat of myself.

  • No I concede at that!
    I gave up fishing at age about 8 when, after along boring morning, my Dad caught something on my line while had a wee behind a bush. I have no fishing vocab left.
    We done Vin and all: We had a whale of a time!!!!!

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