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Monthly Archives: November 2005

knowing right from wrong xcan be tricky, but knowing which is your right and which is your left even trickier.
esther came up with this great trick for remembering and we decided to share it with you here in case you need to teach anyone else (particularly school children) how to remember which side is left and which side is right.
esther made this up (at least she claims she did). you start by putting your hands in front of you with your thumbs pointing towards the middle and your first finger pointing in the air, like so.
you then look at your own hands and the one which forms an ‘L’ shape is the left hand one. brilliant !

kezia won some glitter in a bran tub at her pre-school winter fair. bran tubs are funny things. it would be good one time to have a few live hamsters and gerbils living in one. everyone would enjoy that.
anyway, kezia and i then went home and she made this glitter picture which she insisted i photograph to post on the blog. so here it is

curling is a funkypancake sport. not because i’m good at it though, because i’m not.
look at his utility bin.
beyond brushes, which are an essential part of the game, you also get to wear the most fantastic shoes.
initially they looked like normal trainers:
but you can pull the rubber bottom off (called a ‘kipper’) and reveal a super-slippy teflon sole, enabling you to whizz about on the ice like a mad thing
and look at all the other gadgets and gizmos you can get:

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