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Monthly Archives: November 2005

st george’s gardens is a funny little place in the middle of london, full of dead reformers (except for the ones who got body-snatched i guess!)
despite all the great names buried in this place, there’s a number of huge tombs.
this one had the identification faded away
it made me think that even if we’re fantastically successful in life and get buried in a massive tomb then eventually any memory of the real us is forgotten. if it’s just all about living, dying then being forgotten it all seems a bit sad !
(thankfully i belive there’s more to life than that so no need to get all depressed !).
here’s a picture from outside the gates.
henrietta mews (because she’s a cat?)

i missed the fact i’d done my 7,000th blog post on monday. ooops. hoorah belatedly and thanks for continuing to visit !
also, i passed the 4000 mile mark on my walking measurements last week.
i’m still thinking about what to do for my 400th birthday on the 1st December. i’ll be in brussels on the day itself, but i’m sure we should do something blogwise.

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