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May 2003

lollipop disaster

comedy scene of the day:
in henley i saw a young lad accidently propel his lollypop out of its holder and in to his granny’s handbag ! It shattered in to pieces as it landed to add to the comedy factor.
granny and childs faces were priceless. didn’t get a photo. sorry

beach babes at home

kids still work down the pit. nowadays it’s the sand pit

working from home

how cool to be able to sit outside at 8am in England and do some work


another day another glove

instant ironing in a can

New Product Concept: instant ironing in a can
what does it do ?
instant spray on ironing. simply point the can at a crinkled shirt. spray on the effected area and creases are removed.
how does it work ?
it dissolves small amounts of raised areas of the shirt and moves them to ‘trough’ areas thus redistributing the material in an even way
is it dangerous ?
only if you use it

daily mirror

seen on the way in to Paddington Station (I’ll try and get a photo of this):


harley street this morning (same place as I found one of the gloves yesterday)
Also saw the other workman’s glove from yesterday’s collection near the original.
another good day for gloves

deconstructionists party

the words party and partly are closely related. i’ve been to three parties in the last few days. all were successful as a ‘party’, but i wonder what would have made them in to a ‘partly’?
Possible a missing cake or the non-appearance of a key guest ? Possibly total lack of interest from the host.
why not throw your own ‘partly’ and see what (nearly) happens

screen off

switch off your monitor on your computer. send 4 emails. switch the monitor back on and see what you sent (and to whom)

lazy eye(s)

doll with a lazy eye
pub with a lazy i

noise of the day

whilst walking to work i was 10 metres away from a skip lorry dropping a massive skip on to the road from a height of about 1 metre. a fantastic noise was produced. fantastic yes. welcome no.