May 2003


they were filming something this morning by Langham Place, London.
Don’t know what they were filming
Maybe it was a speed camera or a congestion charge trap ?

car boot sale booty

2 ethernet cards £4
pair computer speakers £6
guess who ? 50p


esther helps poochy blow out her birthday cake

windy days

fly kites on windy days.


went to Mecca Bingo in Reading with Jane and Sally this evening. Didn’t win money, but did gain a whole lot of fun. Also saw loads of rats near a litter bin. I can highly recommend Mecca Bingo in Reading. They made us feel extraordinarily welcome !


there is a reason why apples comes from the female part of a tree. but it escapes me. may help


try a bit of gerrymandering on anyone with artifically coloured hair over the weekend

lift escape plan

getting trapped in a lift is something that happens to everyone at least 7 times in their life according to statitics I just invented. How to get out is the second thing you think of (the first is “how many times have I been stuck in a lift before, is it 6 or 7, and therefore is this an above, at or below average event”).
Here in my office lift are the ideal companions. A saw and a spirit level.

urban life (after rain)

modern life has few real dangers. we seldom get eaten by wild animals or killed by infectious diseases (shoddy zoos, SARs, world terrorism, natural disasters excepted). The challenges modern man (i use that term in a non-genderly way) faces are more subtle.

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spontaneous combustion

my desk is covered in a fine coating of ‘grit’ this morning. perhaps someone spontaneously combusted over night and their remains are spread around the office ?
I am sceptical about the whole spontaneous combustion thing. i’ve never seen anyone combust, spontaneously or otherwise. i’ve never seen the wind, but still believe in that.
i’ll just have to see who doesn’t come in to work this morning and conclude by a method of elimination

the head tower of change

place a 10 pence coin (or equivalent in local currency) on your head. balance it there all day. keep it there until you forget about it. (purest will resist, but it is permissable to use adhesive).
repeat daily until mastered.
once mastered add another 10 pence coin. again, repeat until mastered.
and so on. until the coins reach 1 metre high (or £99.90 – keep below £100 for insurance reasons).
let me know how you get on.
[an interesting twist on this game is to use only coins which have been found lying in the street – this way the values, sizes and days when additional coins must be added is an additional variable to consider]
(based on an idea from the Fluxus movement)


voting is fun. three names on the sheet – no loonies or extremists here. whole thing took 30 mins (incl 25 mins walk)
unfortunately no golf was allowed whilst voting

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exercise your rights

it’s the local elections today which is very exciting. i’m working from home which means i can pop along and vote during the day. i suspect it will be quite empty. i’ll let you know.
working from home ‘downstairs configuration’:
(voting slip next to laptop)