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the tahiti room

i’m in brussels for a conference and rather than staying in the expensive hotel where it’s being held i decided to do a google for ‘strange hotel brussels’ and came up with this place i’m staying, which is half the price and twice the fun.
the hotel is called the welcome hotel and is very cool (the photos section of the website shows some of the other room designs)
i’m staying in the tahiti room


6 thoughts on “the tahiti room”

  1. that’s hilarious.
    my parents always stay in the teddy bear room at a hotel in edmonton, alberta, canada. there are bears on the beadspread, lampshade, etc. etc.

  2. I once stayed at the BAD Hotel near Wageningen near Arnhem in Holland at an entomological conference. I seem to remember it was pretty good, not BAD at all!
    Michelle, if your parents happen to fancy a trip to Snowdonia in North Wales, they may be interested to know that there is hotel in Betws-y-coed where I stayed a couple of years ago that is decidedly teddy bear orientated. There are teddies here, teddies there, teddies all over the place and of all shapes, sizes, colours and nationalities. If you got out of your chair, by the time you sat down again a teddy would be sure to have pinched it, presumably in the hope that you’d pick him/her up.

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