funkypancake’s third birthday (and i forgot)

we were obviously celebrating other things, but on Easter Sunday, Funkypancake was exactly three years old ! i’ve only just realised, but none of you mentioned it either did you. that probably shows how old we are in web years.
so, without realising it we celebrated it by being live on national TV. in fact the blog was running on automatic that week so i wasnt even around to notice i hadn’t noticed the bloggy birthday, which is also somehow fitting.
anyway, i’ve updated funkypancake each day for the last 3 years with around 10 new photos for your enjoyment. , and funkypancake has had somewhere around 634,000 unique visitors, causing 35million hits and well over a million visits ! fancy that.
still no awards though. not to worry (although you could pop over and nominate me for the photobloggies – you need to enter in the relevant places)
thanks for all your comments and visiting – i very much appreciate of it.
i wonder what the next 3 years hold ? probably more photos i expect.


1 thought on “funkypancake’s third birthday (and i forgot)”

  1. congratulations and happy birthday! that’s twice as long as i’ve been around! (though i don’t update /nearly/ as often…)
    you can be sure i’ll be checking out your photographic prose for the next three years to come, and the three after that, and the three after that…

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